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Welcome to the OLM@olm.org mailing list.   This mailing list generates a moderate amount of email that will appear in your incoming email box.   Please remember how to unsubscribe.   Instructions on how to unsubscribe and how to make the machine automatically do other things for you appear at the bottom of this message.

OLM@olm.org Mailing List Purpose and Ground Rules (Version 5, December 03, 1996) 1996, OLM

I. Purpose of the OLM organization

On-line Ministry (OLM) is an association of members of the church of Christ who help one another with online outreach, edification, and the technologies which enable these ministries.

Outreach - Ministries directed at teaching, converting and serving the lost.

Edification - Ministries directed at edifying and providing resources for members of the Lord's church.

OLM currently supports this mission with four mailing lists:

OLM@olm.org - outreach and edification (This Document)

OLM-Technology@olm.org - technology

OLM-Biblical-Issues@olm.org - Biblical and doctrinal issues of online ministry

II. Purpose of the Outreach and Edification Mail List (OLM@olm.org)

The purpose of the OLM@olm.org mailing list is to serve as an informal forum where members of OLM may help and interact with one another concerning the outreach, edification, announcements, and information components of online ministry.

III. Ground Rules for the Outreach and Edification Mail List (OLM@olm.org)

  1. We will focus this mailing list on how to use the Internet and other online services for outreach and edification.   Outreach topics will include how to provide online evangelism, teaching and service to the lost.   Edification topics will include how to provide online teaching, edification, and resources for members of the Lord's church.   Discussions will center on sharing ideas, information, experiences, and resources, and fulfilling requests for help and follow-up.   Occasional personal messages of Christian fellowship (prayer requests, encouragement, etc.) are acceptable in this list, because we know and care for each other.   However, most of our personal contact with one another will be conducted via private email.   We will move discussions which evolve into deeper aspects of technology, ministry resources or biblical and doctrinal issues to the appropriate companion list (see above).

  2. We agree that each subscriber will be allowed one brief message in response to a biblical or doctrinal issue posted in the list.   However,any subsequent discussion of the issue will then be carried to the OLM Biblical and Doctrinal Issues mailing list. (For example, if a subscriber promotes a web site which has material you believe is teaching error, you have the right to post one message in this forum saying you think the material is in error.   You do not have the right to post any additional messages on the topic in this forum, even if other subscribers violate the rule and continue to respond.)   The list owner (list moderator) is authorized to remove any subscriber who violates this rule, and has final say in these matters.

  3. We will treat each other with love and respect on this mailing list.   We will not say anything in email we would not say to the person face-to-face. We will remember we are talking with people not machines.   We will speak carefully and listen forgivingly.   We will allow diverse personalities to communicate on equal footing with one another.   We will not display hostile attitudes or make accusations.   We will never engage in personal attacks.   We will quickly move discussions which become personal or argumentative to private email.   Flagrant or repeat violators of this rule may be banned from the list.   The list owner (list moderator) is authorized to remove any subscriber who violates this rule, and has final say in these matters.

  4. We will continuously and graciously answer questions from new subscribers even though it may be the eighth time the question has been asked in the last week!   We will be patient, knowing that not everyone is on our personal page or schedule.   We understand it is the intention of this mailing list to be overly patient and kind, learning and helping one another with online ministry for outreach and edification.

  5. We understand it is possible there will be several simultaneous conversations (or threads) occurring at one time in this mailing list.   Some of those conversations may not be personally important to me.   The will simply ignore messages which are not of interest and glean the best from all of the discussions -- the delete key is our friend!

  6. We will "catch up" on a discussion in progress before posting replies.   We will avoid posting "Me Too" messages, where content is limited to agreement with previous posts.

  7. We will respect each other's privacy.   We will keep private communication private.   We will not quote, reply to, or in any other manner discuss email received in private from list members and list moderators (or anyone else for that matter!).   In addition we will send private email when an answer to a question is for one person only.   However, we won't hesitate to post to the list something we think of general interest to list members.

  8. We will not automatically or on any regular basis mirror or "gate" messages on this list to other electronic or print forums.   This includes a ban on gating to usenet news groups or web page discussion forums.   However we may on occasion forward individual messages of interest to other forums or individuals.

  9. We will be careful when using the auto-reply feature of our email systems, because we know that a reply to a list message will go to every member of the mailing list.   We will also try to avoid accidentally sending a personal response to all subscribers of the list, thereby embarrassing all involved.   If necessary, we will type in the correct address instead of relying on "reply."

  10. We will let the List-Owner moderate; we won't try to do his job for him.   If we feel we must say something in response to "off-topic" or disruptive messages, we will first get approval from the list owner via private email.

(Much of this material is from "A Brief Introduction to Private Email Netiquette" Pete Holzmann 12/95)

How To Unsubscribe

To unsubscribe, send a message to OLM-Request@olm.org In the text of the message put:


The machine will automatically unsubscribe you and send you a message saying you have been unsbuscribed.

The following commands can also be handled automatically by putting the following words (in any combination) in a message sent to OLM- Request@olm.org:

UNSUBSCRIBE - to remove yourself from the list
QUERY - to get the status of your entry on the list
SET NOMAIL - to remain on the list but not receive mail
SET MAIL - to reverse the NOMAIL setting
SET NOREPRO - to prevent the list from sending you your own postings
SET REPRO - to reverse the NOREPRO setting
LIST - to get a list of mailing lists available on this host
HELP - to receive a help file
QUIT - to terminate processing (skipping signature, etc.)

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